BGN Wish List

Garden and Garden Maintenance

  • Organic Pest Control Products (check for the OMRI symbol on the packaging)
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Seeds and Seedlings (if you’d like to donate seedlings, it’s better and safer for us if they are healthy)
  • Buckets, Containers, Crates (we are always in need of more storage at the gardens!)
  • Rainwater Barrel Kit – At the Guerrilla Garden, we’d like to expand our rainwater catchment system. We’d like to connect a new barrel to our existing barrel

Food As Medicine

  • New or gently used kitchen supplies (in sets of 6, preferably)
  • Durable, outdoor tablecloths (oilcloth, plastic, vinyl, etc)

Free Library

  • Books for both children and adults
  • Books about gardening or with garden themes
  • Books featuring Black characters and positively depicting Black people
  • Books about Black history
  • Books by Black authors
  • Note: Our intention is for the Free Library to serve as a resource for self-pride and inspiration for our community. While the above books are preferred, all books are welcome.

If you would like to donate any of our Wish List items (or other items), please email us at